The “Coady Haiti Movement”

The Haiti Solidarity Network of the Northeast (HSNNE) was founded in 1994 by Father Jack Martin with the ultimate mission of working in solidarity with the Hatian people in Haiti, as well as the diaspora, by “helping them help themselves” and live dignified lives with less exploitation.  Through a holistic, self-directed approach, HSNNE has facilitated several activities in different parts of Haiti through our network of organizations.  Some of these activities include the following: organizing, micro-credit, scholarships, tree planting, and medical/dental/mental health missions, in addition to introducing groups of individuals to different communities to help them form lasting twinning relationships through the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas.  

HSNNE is now proposing to start and drive a project called the “Coady Haiti Movement” which will enable HSNNE to expand the scope of our work and better carry out our solidarity work with young people willing to improve their lives in the countryside of Haiti. 

The HSNNE Coady Haiti Movement identifies young Hatian females and males who have demonstrated levels of entrepreneurship either by their individual work or work they have done to bring about changes within their communities.  The project is further based on the promise that all human beings have untapped potential, that, with some assistance can be developed and effectively used for their betterment and the improvement of their community.

The main Goals of the Coady Haiti Project are to:

  1. Form partnerships with some/all of the identified Haitian visionaries/experts who have already engaged in one form or another to alleviate the misery in the countryside of Haiti  
  2. Identify and hire an individual to work as the Coady Haiti Movement’s Coordinator in Haiti
  3. Identify Organizations or groups willing to engage themselves in using the Antigonish movement to both educate and develop its members
  4. Through the diligence and work of the Coordinator, train the field leaders from the targeted young Hatian females or males to become well versed on issues related to economic empowerment, community organizing, micro-credit, etc.
  5.  Work with the existing organization using the “Antigonish Movement” approach
  6. Establish relationship between and among regional and national organizations
  7. Establish a center for continuing training, research, follow-up, and troubleshooting

To attain our goals, HSNNE is seeking the following partnership with the Haitian visionaries: 

  1. A promise to participate in the project or to recommend the project to partners
  2. A commitment to share their expertise with the coordinator and other organizers to help facilitate “train the worker workshops with young Hatian females/males on resource management, empowerment, organizing, and community development
  3. Help facilitate a yearly conference with the trainees and other members of the community to help disseminate the principles of the Coady Haiti Movement

HSNNE is hoping that the actual program will be delivered in the Creole language to properly accommodate individuals of all walks of life and give them the opportunity to master the concepts and understand how they can begin to use their own resources to bring about changes in their respective communities.   

“The five villages circled on this map of Haiti each have two leaders in training. They are called animators as they inspire other leaders in their town to cooperate building a nationwide movement toward a better Haiti by “ABCD”–Asset Based Community Driven growth!”