Message from Fr. Jack

As a co-founder of HSNNE, I delight to say, “Nou la” to you all. That standard Kreyol greeting translates “Here we are “or “Hi!” Welcome to a freshened up face of HAITI SOLIDARITY NETWORK NE (HSNNE), our newly designed website in 2020. I recall one day, a few years after we launched HSNNE, my good friend and classmate, Fr. Frank Schiller challenged Fr. Gene Squeo and me, “Whaddya think you guys are doing in Haiti?” OUCH. We sort of expected this stalwart Hudson County priest/lawyer social activist would give us props for our noble outreach. You might think his question was mean. No. Truth is he pushed us to seriously analyze what Solidarity networking should mean. Ever since, in over 20 years, our Board and members keep asking and creatively seeking the best HSNNE vision.      

In 1974, while studying Spanish in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I saw a colorful mural on the wall of a drug rehab center. It said,”Crear es Imitar al Dios”, that is “To create is to imitate God!”  So we keep asking God to steer us to genuine solidarity with our beloved, struggling neighbors in that Caribbean island nation. We are so grateful for many of you readers who support us!    

Keep in touch!           

Fr Jack Martin,  Founding President